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Help us to continue supporting children and young people in the community.


There is no single public service, agency, charity, voluntary organisation or politician that can successfully tackle the issues affecting young people today. It is via a collective effort that society will be best placed to overcome these issues and provide young members of the community with improved opportunities. As the programme continues to improve and expand, the charity will continue to increase its partnerships with key local organisations, public sector leaders and community representatives, so as to both benefit the scheme and develop its content. URBOND has established working relationships with many such groups and the scheme is well placed to make further progress as more like-minded individuals and organisations are brought onboard and given the opportunity and resources to positively impact the community and the issues it is facing.

The charity has key strategical relationships with members of the local educational organisations who are well located to identify young people who are potentially at risk and would benefit from the programme. Factors such as sudden changes in school attendance, attitude and behaviour can provide an early warning sign that children may be exposed to issues such as exclusion, neglect, abuse or child exploitation etc. Teachers, teaching assistants and education support workers can often be the first to spot these signs and with the support of organisations such as URBOND they can ensure that vital support is provided. As part of the mentoring and career path guidance the programme offers, expert speakers (such as local entrepreneurs, professionals, healthcare and emergency services workers etc) support the development of participants by providing the benefit of their expertise and knowledge. The scheme also works closely with both the local police and healthcare providers to ensure that a network (where learnings can be shared) is in place that can properly protect participants against any risks, be it associated to mental or physical welfare or crime prevention etc. Furthermore, the charity is currently in the process of expanding its partnerships with local businesses who will be able to provide both work experience and full-time employment opportunities, which will improve the structure of the scheme and further benefit its participants.

For businesses that have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), URBOND presents a unique opportunity to get involved and give back in a meaningful way, that will positively impact communities and the lives of children for generations to come. URBOND works directly and in partnership with local businesses and organisations to provide a range of activities and events to meet the needs of disadvantaged and deprived communities in Portsmouth, UK , in particular those of with minority background in Portsmouth. Our current activities are designed to promote racial harmony and diversity with in our communities in Portsmouth, UK.

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