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Welcome to the URBOND Youth Club! A space where young people can come every Tuesday and Friday evening to learn vital skills, play with others in a safe environment and get involved in activities such as arts, crafts, dance, games, reading, acting, singing and more. Plus, we provide a healthy and nutritious dinner for free!

Prior to engaging with URBOND, some children and young people didn’t have any provision that met their needs. The activities we provide were suggested by the children and the young people, and attendance has been increasing month on month since we started.

Fancy joining? Just pop down to the Portsmouth Deaf Centre every Tuesday and Friday from 5pm!

Fancy helping? We’re always looking for volunteers, donations of good quality activities or funding to help us provide this vital service and ensure children get a good quality meal as part of the session.

Get in contact with us today, or donate HERE!

Tuesdays & Fridays at Portsmouth Deaf Centre PO1 1LX from 5:00 PM

workshop day
workshop day

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