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Alex was well-known to the local authorities as they had been involved in anti-social behaviour several times. When URBOND first met them, they were struggling to express feelings, tending to get angry and escalate behaviour rapidly and getting into fights. They did not wish to engage with any sports activities and had a sedentary lifestyle. Alex, already well known to social services, had a bad relationship with their peers and teachers, often getting detentions and exclusion from education.

Enter URBOND’s newly established Youth Club. URBOND offered Alex a safe space to express themselves. We empowered the young person by giving them a helping role at the youth club and involving them in the other activities URBOND provides to young people in the community.

This had a massive impact on their self-esteem and behaviour. At only twelve years old, Alex now feels part of the team and understands they must be a role model for their peers.

During the Youth Club sessions, they expressed how much they liked singing and creating their own lyrics and songs. Through URBOND’s partners, Alex has been receiving music classes, creating their own songs and learning about music in general. We even provided Alex with the opportunity to record their first song and shared the result with everyone during the Youth Awards!

Alex also won young helper Award for all the help he has been providing to members of the local community. This turnaround is just one example of many of the positive impact our Youth Development Programme has on young people in the community.